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Police Legal Defense

Timothy Quinlan has been providing a legal defense plan in South Jersey since approximately 20 years ago when the head of the Fraternal Order of Police in Camden, Lodge #1, reached out to him and asked him to provide a similar defense plan to the one provided by the State Lodge. After the initial entry into providing a legal defense plan, members of lodges talked to other members of lodges and the extent of the firm's representation of police officers grew to a point where we represented approximately 30 lodges and approximately 2,500 police officers. For approximately 15 years, Mr. Quinlan's primary practice has consisted of representing police officers in criminal and administrative matters.

The defense of police officers is not taught in any law school course. Over time, Mr. Quinlan and the other attorneys at the firm have maintained their expertise as the law has changed.

As recently as 2007 with the enhanced penalty for public officials, there have been profound changes in the timing of decisions and the options available with the prosecutor's office. Lawyers who do not specialize in this area are not even aware of this change in the law.

In 2009, the legislature passed the statute for the 180 Day Resumption of Pay. This office filed the first application made under the new statute. In December 2011 the Office of the Attorney General made a substantial revision of the Internal Affairs Policies and Procedures. It differs in several respects from the 2000 version and our office is cognizant of this important changes.


  • The firm provides coverage for incidents of actual or alleged duty related acts or omissions. Duty-related refers to actions arising out of and directly related to the lawful exercise of police powers in the furtherance of official duties. This includes the protection of life or property from illegal acts while a participating member is technically off duty or working part-time.
  • The firm provides defense of departmental disciplinary proceedings arising from an incident and also will appeal major discipline to the Civil Service Commission or superior court, as applicable. Defense is provided for civil lawsuits arising from an incident. If criminal charges are brought alleged to have arisen out of an incident, the firm will defend those criminal charges before the court in which the member is a defendant.
  • The Plan provides 24 hour a day/ 7 day a week response in the event of a critical incident.
  • The Plan will defend officers who produce false positive drug readings as a result of a state toxicology lab error or occupational exposure. The officer must consent to a hair follicle analysis.
  • The Plan will file motions to quash on behalf of officers who have their Internal Affairs, Personnel files or confidential medical files subpoenaed (appointing authority must cooperate).
  • In order to provide immediate response on-site for critical incidents, the defense plan ins offered only to officers in the South Jersey Geographical area.
Real Estate

The firm provides representations to buyers and sellers in residential real estate transactions. We prepare deeds. We review contracts for the sale of property. We review home inspection reports, look for potential problems and recommend amendments to the contracts. To aid our clients, we work with realtors, mortgage companies, and title companies to make the sale or purchase proceed as easily as possible.

We have experience representing homeowners and small businesses in applications before zoning and planning boards, and we have successfully applied for many variances on behalf of our clients.


The firm represents individuals in matrimonial matters. We prepare premarital agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements, in order to memorialize parties' understandings about assets going into a marriage. We provide advice to those who may be seeking divorce, explaining the grounds for divorce and the process itself, including issues of child and spousal support. We work with the parties to try to settle the matter, but in the event it is not possible, we represent a spouse from the filing or answering of a complaint, through the discovery process, attendance at the Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel, and, if necessary, at trial. We prepare property settlement agreements and provide post-divorce services including motions to decrease or increase child support payments and to seek changes in parenting time.

Estate Planning

The firm meets with individuals to assist them in making decisions about the distribution of their assets following their death. We prepare Last Will and Testaments for individuals and for husbands and wives. We explain the usefulness of Powers of Attorney and Durable Powers of Attorney ('Living Wills') and prepare the same to provide the client with the tools they need for peace of mind.

We also assist in estate administration. We provide advice to executors and assist with the probate of the Will and the steps that follow, including the transferring of stock out of a decedent's name, communications with beneficiaries, and preparing state Inheritance Tax Returns.

Employment Law

Employment law covers the relationships between employers and their employees, as well as their potential employees and former employees. Both federal and state laws control various aspects of the employer-employee relationship. There are also different types of employment relationships. There can be a contract or an employee can be 'at-will.' Depending on the type of employment relationship you are in, your course of action will be different.

If you think you have been the subject of an unfair workplace practice, or have been the subject of discrimination or harassment based upon your race, gender, religion, age, or disability, you may have recourse. An attorney from our office will meet with you to review your circumstances and make a recommendation on how to proceed.