Quinlan & Nigro LLC
Firm History
How It All Began

Tim Quinlan left the firm of Tomar, Simonoff Adourian O'Brien Kaplan Jacoby & Graziano to become a public defender for Camden, Gloucester, and Salem Counties. As a public defender he tried hundreds of cases for rape, armed robbery, aggravated assault, as well as several murder cases. In 1975, Mr. Quinlan left the defender's office to establish himself in private practice. Over time his practice encompassed family law matters, real estate transactions, zoning matters, small business matters, and employment law. However from the beginning, Mr. Quinlan has represented police officers on administrative and criminal charges. At the same time, his partners assisted by representing officers against civil charges. Beginning with the Fraternal Order of Police Camden, Lodge #1, Mr. Quinlan and the firm began providing representation to police officers through their legal plans and this area of practice has grown to where the firm represents approximately 30 lodges and 2,500 officers.

Currently Mr. Quinlan focuses primarily on representation of police officers through their legal defense plans, as assisted by the other attorneys at the firm. Additionally, the office provides basic estate planning, representation in matrimonial and residential real estate matters, and assistance in other areas of general practice.

More Recently

Many lawyers and law firms go through their entire existence without ever making any permanent impact on the law. Lawyers write their history in the sand of other people's lives not in the law books.

Quinlan & Nigro LLC has been fortunate by virtue of the focus on police matters to have been involved in significant cases that changed the law for the benefit of all police officers in the State of New Jersey. The first case the firm handled was in 1979, when Timothy J. P. Quinlan convinced the New Jersey Appellate Court that a police officer who appealed non-civil service discipline to Superior Court could not have his penalty increased on appeal.

The second case of first impression from 2002 involved the right of a correction officer to appeal a 4 day suspension to the Civil Service Commission where the officer worked a 12 hour shift. For the first time the court determined that a day was 8 hours for purposes of computing discipline. All New Jersey Civil Service Police, Corrections and Sheriff's Office in the State enjoy a greater right of appeal from local decisions as a result.

The third case of general impact for all officers was in 2003 when Camden City decided that officers could be suspended for up to 5 days without giving them a hearing. The law regarding local hearing was not clear since the Civil Service Statute only said "an employee may request review under standards and procedures established by the political subdivision". Mr. Quinlan was successful in convincing the court the employees were entitled to 1) written notice, 2) complete discovery, 3) representation, and 4) cross examination of witnesses. As a result of this case every police officer in New Jersey was guaranteed for the first time a meaningful hearing before the imposition of discipline.

Most recently in 2009 the firm was successful in convincing the New Jersey Appellate Division that the 2007 enhancement of penalty statute did not permit an off duty officer to be charged with official misconduct.

Our firm has an unequaled record in making law that protects sworn law enforcement officers' rights for 30 years. A look at the results link on our website will illustrate how vigorous representation, knowledge of the law, combined with trial skills, can achieve outstanding results.